Can I order my book in different design styles?

Yes. Even after you submit your book for print, your timeline of stories will remain in your account and can be resubmitted for reprinting at any time, using any design. So, you could submit your book for print in one design style, then immediately return and submit it again using a different design style. You could even print your book, then return each year after to add more stories and reprint using the design style of your choice. In fact, this could be a great gift-giving tradition to start in your family.

Can I reorder books at a later date?

Yes. Your timeline of stories will remain on your account even after you submit it for print. You can return to reprint your book as many times as you want, using as many different design styles as you want. You can make any updates or changes you wish at any time to reprint. Want to give everyone in your family a slightly different version of your book? No problem. Want to update your book with new stories every so often? No problem. The possibilities are endless.

Are discounts available for bulk orders?

Yes, discounts are available for orders of 100 books or more. There are cases in which our printer will allow us to discount bulk orders for less than 100, but this is not guaranteed. Either way, contact us at theteam@lifeisstories.com with the subject title “Bulk Order Inquiry” and we'll do our best to get your multiple book order to you at the best rate possible.

I have photos and news clippings that I'd like to include in my book, but they aren't in digital format. How can I transfer them to digital format?

This is easy and relatively inexpensive. You have a few different options for transferring your photos, news clippings, handwritten notes, recipes or other items into digital files. If you have a home scanner, of course you can scan them individually into your computer. Just be sure you set the resolution quality of the digital image to 300 dpi. Another easy option is to take them to a Walgreens, CVS or other local business where you can have them scanned to digital format. Another option is to use a digital scanning service like www.scantodigital.com that allows you to mail your photos in to have them scanned and returned to you along with their digital versions.

Still feeling unsure about what to do? We want every aspect of this book-making process to be easy and fun for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to help you decide which option will work best for you. 

Is there any way I can make edits or other changes after I submit my book for print?

No, unfortunately. Eventually we want to be able to offer this option, but at this point we just don't have the capability. Please take care to proofread your titles, dates, stories and captions and double check the images you've uploaded before submitting.

Can I have my books shipped to multiple addresses?

Sure, as long as they're in the United States. This takes a little extra leg work for us, but we'll make it happen for you. Why? Because we love our customers. Send an email to theteam@lifeisstories.com with the subject title “Different Shipping Addresses” immediately after placing your order and we'll get your books where you want them to go. If you need them shipped to an international address, contact us before placing your order and we'll work with you to see what we can do.