Discover the moments that made them, them.

Give them the chance to reminisce, and then a book as beautiful as the life it tells.

How it works

Once a week, your loved one receives a question by email to spark a memory
Their reply is shared with you - and anyone you invite to follow along
After 20 weeks, their stories are bound into a beautiful, big heirloom book

Life happens too fast to count on saving these stories “one day”

Most of us miss the chance to save - or even learn! - these stories.
Put the overwhelming process of story collection on autopilot, and enjoy answers to weekly questions you never thought to ask.

Grow closer to people you love

as you learn about the moments that made them who they are today.

Discover untold stories

that your loved ones have forgotten - just waiting to be remembered.

Finally feel peace of mind

once these precious stories and family history are preserved.

It's more than a memoir.
It's a shared family experience.

My cousins and I all get to read these weekly nuggets from my grandmother, and feel closer as a family. Even better, she gets to see how much we care and appreciate her history.
- Matt I.
Now that my grandma has passed, it means so much to me to have the story of her life in her words that I can look at anytime. When I read it, I hear it in her voice, just the way she used to tell her stories when she was alive. It's a treasure. Thank you, Life Is Stories.
- Amanda C.
Reading my mother's stories from childhood, young adulthood and beyond has made me know her in a more intimate way. The age difference fades away and I understand her as more than my mother. It has made me feel closer to her.
- Kim W.

The Books

Full size & full color

Our premium quality books are large 8.5 x 11" (because that's what's best for family reading!) and are printed in full color throughout

Beautiful cover designs

Our professional cover designs are all gorgeous and fully customizable

Custom copies for family

1 book is included with your subscription, but you can order more copies - or even create a new unique version for each family member

The Questions

Sit back and enjoy the questions that come (from our library of hundreds!), or you can edit them, choose different ones, or even write your own.
  • What stories have come down to you from your distant ancestors? n n n
  • What was your first Valentine's Day gift to your spouse? n n n n n n n n n n
  • Did you have any running jokes with family members growing up? n n n
  • Is there anything you wish you could go back and ask your parents? n
  • What do you know now, that you didn't understand in your mid life?
  • Did having children change your views on anything in an unexpected way?

Happiness guaranteed

Hi, I'm Robin, and I created Life Is Stories first and foremost to save my grandmother's stories for my family. 

It's brought great joy to my family, first as a bonding experience with my grandmother - oh, the laughter and tears we shared! - and now as a priceless keepsake of her stories since she's passed.

My expectation is that Life Is Stories will bring the same joy to you and your loved ones. That's why we offer a 30 day guarantee. But if you have any questions, could use a helping hand, or just want to chat, let us know. 

We're always here for you.

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